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Yeah Right

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Yeah Right": Vince Staples ft. KUČKA & Kendrick Lamar

Production: SOPHIE & Flume

Album: Big Fish Theory

‘The world sucks, man. But Tesla does have a mid-size sedan now, and that’s very important to the future.’

Vince Staples interviewed by Eric Andre

Vince Staple’s first full-length project, “Summertime ’06”, was an uncompromising and nihilistic vacation into the former Crip’s mind. His following project, “Big Fish Theory”, sustains this spirit; Vince’s new-found wealth hasn’t helped him escape the imposing walls of classism, racism and the paranoia they evoke. This perception, paired with beats that owe much to producer’s Zac Sekoff’s obsession with Burial and Underground Resistance, offers an album undoubtedly sits as one of the most experimental on Def Jam’s roster, owing to the liberal contract Vince signed.

“Yeah Right”, one of 2017’s most restlessly mocking parody-tracks, enlists the help of fellow west-coast MC, Kendrick Lamar, (prominent parody aficionado[pundit?]), to laugh those who would use material goods as a valid criterion of artistic success. The beat is quintessential SOPHIE, sprawling soundscapes with a certain hyperkinetic disorder that invite you to ponder these textures, and their genesis.

Vince’s raps are lyrically simple in ambition, yet effective in execution. KUČKA, having worked with various permutations of Flume, SOPHIE and Vince, delivers a slinky interlude, followed by bilateral Kendrick verse, initially staccato, then dragging. All whilst being punctuated by screeching metallic shrieks and pulsating bass, the verse marks itself as one of K-Dots best in recent times.

The world might suck. Elon Musk might be a fraud. “Yeah Right” is, however, stirring proof that humanity is still redeemable.


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