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"Superstar": Zola Courtney

Production: Grades

Album: Single

‘So why the hell these doubts/I’m not less than you make me out/ I feel the pressure now/ But I use it to be great somehow’

Marking the first release since her debut EP, and with a lyrical focus on personal growth, one can’t help but feel that ‘Superstar’ has a right-place-right-time quality to it. ‘Superstar’ captures the very same carefree spirit of ‘Nothing to Lose’; creating a soundscape similar to that of the sultry nu-soul bops released previously by the singer, and with lyrics encouraging self-reliance and personal growth. LA-based artist Caleborate makes a verse-long, silky-smooth contribution, delivered over a groovy drum shuffle reminiscent of a ‘90s hip hop meets Teedra Moses ‘Be Your Girl’ fusion. Complimented beautifully by Courtney’s soulful tone, this silky bop reminds us to remember our worth. By meshing Courtney’s trademark soul-laced instrumentals with more rhythmically charged, percussive RnB influences, ‘Superstar’ offers us a glimpse of a new musical direction. Due for release in the coming weeks, ‘Superstar’ makes for a very welcome addition to Courtney’s ever-growing, and ever-diversing, musical output.


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