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100 Angels

100 Angels by Lex Amor

Produced: Lex Amor & Rei Sky

Project: Government Tropicana

‘Young, black and unsung/ young black London/ raised on a raised fist/ mummy sang praises’

From Lex Amor’s sensational debut mixtape comes the hallowed prayer ‘100 Angels’, an ode to the endurance of second-generation citizens, whose lives are blessed by the praise of their forbearers. The song encapsulates many of the trials and themes from Government Tropicana as it negotiates the nightmare of Babylon whilst asserting a power and hope that even in the darkest days you have the strength of a hundred angels gathered around you. In one verse and extended outro, Lex reminds us of the power of lineage, drawing on the strength of her mother as inspiration for this defiance against a state, a society and a city that has treated black life with little worth. Delivered over a syncopated beat and with Lex’s trademark grounded tone nestled in the mix, the track asserts a harmony of spirituality while giving space for people to insert themselves in the song, within the Black British experience. ‘100 Angels’ is a standout from the mixtape; it is balm for the most difficult times and the rallying cry for people living with the blessings of generations beyond these chalky beaches.

Government Tropicana out everywhere-


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