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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"Timeless": Oscar Jerome ft. Lianne La Havas⁣

Production: Oscar Jerome & Beni Giles

Album: Breathe Deep

Floating somewhere on the ever-broadening continuum that is the British jazz scene, you can find both Oscar Jerome and Lianne La Havas. ⁣

‘Timeless’ sees the jazz powerhouses join forces for the first time to tell a genre-fluid tale of limitless love. Laced with jazz-inflected harmonies, soul sensibilities and a gentle percussive drive, this collaboration transcends the bounds of one single genre. Toying with the dimensions of time, a reflection on love as a timeless force is juxtaposed with a slow-burning and carefully crafted build-up. In the space of just over six minutes, the listener is transported from a delicate guitar opening to a luscious musical landscape. What starts with just a shimmering guitar hook culminates in a virtuosic, brass-weighted finale featuring soaring vocals from La Havas. ⁣

‘Timeless’ feels difficult to place on a musical spectrum, so much so that it possesses an almost unsettling quality to it. But perhaps that is precisely the point; much like how the lyrics declare a love which defies time, here too is music which defies genre.


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