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This That

"This That": The Repeat Beat Poet & safenath⁣

Album: Single

There is something inherently ballsy and exciting about starting a song off with a lone bass that can really draw a listener in. ‘This That’, by the Repeat Beat Poet and safenath, is as unflinching and unapologetic as it threatens to be in the first few seconds. For three minutes straight, the two trade bars, daisy chaining multi-syllabic rhymes together for breathless verses that play with the ‘location’ of the beat and ear catching percussive effects. The Repeat Beat Poet’s opening lines mimic a kind of ‘hi-hat’ rhythm giving way to a second verse that blisters through several rhyme patterns, proudly shouting out his family heritage. Although the nineties references are evident, the Repeat Beat Poet and safenath make the song their own, bringing their unique flavour to an interesting and evolving beat.

This that fire; this that bun Babylon soundtrack; this that new new shit you’re gonna wanna hear.


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