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Take Me Apart

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

“Take Me Apart”: Kelela⁣

Production: Shux, Jam City, Rechtshaid, Arca, Loric, Sih & Kwes⁣

Album: Take Me Apart

Long ago R&B was at the vanguard of pop music thanks to visionaries such as Prince, Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson. A couple of decades later, in the 2000s, we found every aspiring hype-critic heralding the decline of ‘rhythm and bullshit’. Usher in the 2010s, and the alternative RnB lane is filled with artists such as Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs, Björk and now Kelela. Her heavily-lauded debut, ‘Take Me Apart’, blended the charismatic fundamentals of classic 80’s & 90’s RnB with cutting edge production for a quietly revolutionary entry to the genre. ⁣

The title track sees Kelela marrying her best RnB chops of true vulnerability and honesty to a vast and ambitious beat: Shaking drums, gargantuan roaring tones, kicks and several synths all compete for space, leaving little doubt 7 producers worked on this beat. Kelela’s homage to the old and pursuit of the new marks her as one of the bravest within contemporary RnB.


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