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Side B (Dope Song)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Side B (Dope Song)": Danny Brown

Production: Rustie

Album: Big Fish Theory

Danny Brown lost his front teeth in a KFC parking lot. Danny Brown straightened his hair. Danny Brown loves Def Jux. Danny Brown stans Korn. Danny Brown makes dope songs. Danny Brown now makes dope [adj.] songs.

Side B (Dope Song) acts to divide the album “Old” sonically, as well as to divide Danny’s career. Old Danny Brown, or younger Danny, rapped about hustling. Old Danny Brown is 31, and doesn’t care about rappers with their “10-year-old stories”. This is Danny’s last dope [n.] song. Frequent collaborator Rustie handles the beat, a grandiose opening that morphs into a high energy platform for Danny to diss listeners and rappers who obsess over the past, rapped with typical off-kilter delivery.

To close his final verse, Danny stresses the point, (“Not my last dope song”), with a high-pitched voice, just in case you missed it.


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