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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

“Shabba”: A$AP Ferg⁣⁣

Production: Marvel Alexander Snugsworth⁣⁣

Single: released July 16th 2013 by RCA Records⁣⁣

"Shab-Shabba Ranks, Shab-Shab-Shabba Ranks/ Eight gold rings like I'm Shab-Shabba Ranks/ Four gold chains like I'm Shab-Shabba Ranks/ One gold tooth like I'm Shab-Shabba Ranks⁣⁣."


Before ascending to Hood Pope, A$AP Ferg was the budding Trap Lord, and had one goal in mind: get A$AP Mob into the club. ‘Shabba’ going platinum was the first hint of what was to come from the collective, but getting Shabba Ranks himself to appear in the music video was the co-sign that pushed the song beyond a name-drop.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Ferg’s embrace of the absurd sets this song apart. In the hands of a lesser MC, all the sex, drugs and partying might seem mindlessly excessive. It probably is, but Ferg’s charisma and more hedonistic alter ego (yes really), Fergenstein, make it work. Ferg is not style over substance, his substance is his style. And the key to style is in the details: eight gold rings, four gold chains and one gold tooth. It might really be that simple.


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