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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Rascal”: RMR⁣

Production: RMR’s ‘homeboy’⁣

Album: Rascal

‘Bitches that broke my heart/ They became hoes that scam/ Show me a better way/ Promise I'll quit this game’⁣

The next entry of overnight yeehaw viral sensations is RMR’s ‘Rascal’. The song title is indebted to Rascal Flatts, the song they popularised ‘Bless the Broken Road’ is the beat whilst RMR splendidly performs an acapella rendition of ‘These Days’ to start proceedings. Since the song’s release it has been taken down by UMG, reuploaded and achieved viral. RMR has been pictured with Mike Dean, seen at Columbia Records and announced a Matchbox 20-style song as the industry races to the gold rush. ⁣

The genius lies beyond the mixing of genres and aesthetics, but in the mixing of meme and intent. The music video features RMR resplendent in a Saint Laurent bulletproof vest, Off-White camo shirt, golden grill and balaclava waving an AK. His crew are similarly strapped and outfitted, this is the meme. The vocals are haunting, the lyrics are poignant and the music video, whilst meme-y, is expertly shot and edited, this is the intent. Country didn’t fade away, it just moved to Atlanta. Young Thug knew it first , RMR knows it now, and Billboard will know it next week.


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