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Prayer Song

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Prayer Song": Noname

Production: Phoelix

Album: Room 25

‘Trying to find me a therapist/they taught me how to say amen’

Noname leaves no stone unturned in her visceral demolition of American freedom in Prayer Song. With haunting vocals from the uniquely talented Adam Ness, Noname, Phoelix and Ness deliver a song that voices frustration with American hypocrisy and its intersection with sex. Everything about the track is frantic, between Lucas Sangerman’s fast-paced drums and Noname’s relentless delivery style the listener is infected with a deep anxiety that the façade of freedom could shatter at any moment with the weight of all the lies. ‘Apple pie on Sunday morning/obesity and heart disease’, ‘I feel manly, I tell Stanley, when you grow up you gon be like your dad,’ ‘they ain’t tell me how to cry, just shoot.’ Noname delivers bar after bar dissecting the morbidity of American life from toxic masculinity and violence to rampant excess without a second to catch your breath.


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