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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Pecans": Smino (feat. Terrace Martin)

Production: Smino and Terrace Martin

Album: Single

What Pecans lacks in lyrical meaning (no seriously look the lyrics up and tell me what you think Smino is trying to say) it more than makes up for in its fruitful musical texture and unique melody. Credit must go to Smino for constructing flows that marry so well with the off-kilter nature of the beat and whiney synth sounds but it is Terrace Martin’s composition that makes this track truly special. The song’s climax comes in the drum solo with little support from other instrumentation. Where there was once Smino expertly weaving between unique flows there is now Terrace’s big, airy drum hits. It’s not a breath taking solo, it’s not heart racing, it is simply fun and infused with a joy that comes with stamping your feet in rain puddles.

It is hard not to find yourself head bobbing on the tube to this song.


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