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Party Tricks

"Party Tricks": Äyanna

Production: Nosa Appolo & J. Grooves

Album: Single

Giving is a privilege and on ‘Party Tricks’ Äyanna delivers that message by posing a rhetorical question to the subject of the song. With a writing style reminiscent of SZA on ‘Supermodel’ or anything from Summer Walker’s catalogue, Äyanna’s songwriting throughout the track remains unpredictable, holding the attention of the listener throughout. Hi-hats, rimshots, bass and the occasional faint guitar is all Äyanna needs. The power of her voice and the intrigue of her writing is more than enough to carry the emotional message of the song. As she says in her own bio, ‘[Äyanna] always ensures she leaves her audience wowed’. Her runs are infectious; her vibrato slight and touching and her fearlessness comes across as empowering. Äyanna isn’t afraid to be open in her music. With falsettos coming in at emotionally vulnerable times in the narrative, she opens herself up to empathy with in her audience, building a lasting impression and relationship with any listener.

At such an early stage in her career, Äyanna is showcasing everything that it takes to be a prominent artist - no gimmicks, no party tricks.

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