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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Ottolenghi": Loyle Carner (ft. Jordan Rakei)⁣

Production: Jordan Rakei⁣

Album: Not Waving but Drowning

‘Remedy and lust don’t hold any memories of us/ rather hold you everyday until the memories are dust.’⁣

In the aftermath or turmoil there is growth and that is the central message of Loyle Carner and Jordan Rakei’s heartfelt single from Not Waving but Drowning. The song does meander a bit but perhaps the most enduring image comes at the end when the speaker projects his idea of what the little girl on the train is dreaming about and reflects on his own life. It is an idyllic picture of love and finding strength and inspiration in younger generations. Soft electric piano, Rakei’s soulful hook, it’s just a lovely song. ⁣


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