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Old Self

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Old Self": Still Pigeon

Production: Still Pigeon

Album: Sunday Roost

On Friday, emerging indie band, Still Pigeon released their debut EP Sunday Roost after a year’s build up with two well accomplished singles. Sunday Roost really does what it says on the tin (sadly without any more puns about birds). The EP is emotionally scored around the mood of a lazy Sunday; there is an indulgent indolence about some of the vocal performances, the textures of the music and of course the lyrical content. With strong references to failing relationships, muted conflict and self-reflection, Sunday Roost does what most debut EPs fail to do. These are not a collection of songs that can be understood in isolation simply to act as a showcase of talent.

The EP follows a loose narrative that opens with synth driven alarms, signifying the start of a tumultuous relationship, that plays out over the course of the project. 'Old Self' is the emotional pay off as the listener is left with the resolution of the speaker wishing their ex well. Still Pigeon display the characteristics of a band that could achieve success whether they decide to lean into their ‘pop’ or ‘indie’ aesthetic and whilst their song writing is left wanting at times, there are enough one-line gems to suggest that they are about to take off. ⁣

Favourite line: ‘You live out in Zone 6/ and we’re too old for phone sex.’⁣


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