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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"Neptune": Iman Lake

Written by: Emmanuel Daniels

Album: Single

‘If we saw the ripples in our souls just like the sea/ and diamonds fell to earth like they were leaves/ tell me, what would we be?/ what would we be?’⁣

There appears to be a theme emerging in Iman Lake’s growing discography- imagined futures. On his latest single, ‘Neptune’, the speaker imagines a state of being where two lovers can exist in bliss, surrounded in luxurious indulgence. ‘Neptune’ is a distant fantasy just like the planet. In a world where the two figures cannot alter their identities, where they can’t really escape their reality and the speaker cannot ease their lover’s pain, all they can do is imagine an alternate reality. The devotion of the speaker is evident. They worship their lover, physically and emotionally and would take on the role of Noah ‘sailing on an ark’ just to achieve this fantasy. This is something the music video drives home. With an animated background presumably inspired by the Doctor Who episode, ‘Midnight’, the two lovers bob their head to the rhythm of their imagined life on a yacht (ark) in an endless loop.

This is the dream sequence and, just like the diamonds, it is an enduring one.

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