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Naughty Girl

“Naughty Girl”: Beyoncé⁣

Production: Scott Storch, Beyonce⁣

Album: Dangerously in Love

⁣"Tonight I'll be your naughty girl/ I'm callin' all my girls/ We're gonna turn this party out/ I know you want my body⁣"

Beyoncé Knowles’ debut solo album Dangerously in Love earned Sasha 5 Grammy’s, multiple-platinum certification and legions of devotees. We now know the hallmarks of a Beyonce song: clean, punchy, groovy and immediate pop. All are present, but the measured confidence is the true addiction of ‘Naughty Girl'.

Working with Scott Storch, of the Roots fame, Beyonce mixes the melody of Donna Summer’s disco jewel ‘Love to Love you Baby' with a medley of strings, synths and shimmering woodwinds. The results: quick builds to euphoric choruses, underpinned by some seriously good vocals. Arresting stuff, and an essential look at an epoch-defining pop titan.


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