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My Contribution to the Scam

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"My Contribution to this Scam": Jean Grae & Quelle Chris⁣

Production: Quelle Chris⁣

Album: Everything’s Fine

‘I got a selfie stick cause I do it for the gram/ flat tummy tea cause I do it for the brands/ I make a rap album because anybody can.’⁣

What happens when two of Hip Hop’s most surgical writers team up for an album? Everything’s Fine is the answer. This narrowly missed out on favourites of the decade but ‘My Contribution to this Scam’ is one of my favourite songs of all time. Jean Grae and Quelle Chris poke fun at everything from obsessive self-image to social currency to hypocrisy and artist integrity. But for all its hilarity the song leaves the listener asking themselves the same question; what is my contribution to this scam? (Cue all music reviewers sweating at their keyboards) That is the sour taste in your mouth that satire is supposed to illicit. It is a mirror to ourselves.⁣

Even if you don’t like the song it is hella worth it just for the skits. (The last one is soo relatable but lowkey Jean Grae steals the show a little bit)⁣


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