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Like it Like That

"Like It Like That": Pip Millett⁣

Production: Josh Crocker ⁣

Album: Lost In June – EP⁣

Since coming across a couple of her singles last year, I’ve been anticipating the release of a longer project by Pip Millett and her EP, ‘Lost In June’, has not disappointed. In particular, the second track, ‘Like It Like That’, has become a favourite of mine.

It opens with warm, funky strumming on the electric and bass guitar. This is quickly followed by Millett’s voice, which, as always, is rich and inviting. Towards the beginning of the song, Millett comments on feeling undesirable and unwomanly as a result of the various social pressures she faces in relation to her body; she sings, ‘The boys don’t like my hair in an afro […] / I wanna feel like a woman / but I don’t got the body for that / too small, nothing at all’. Such a personal admission of emotion at the very beginning of the track lays the foundations for the intimate energy that it emanates throughout. After initially communicating self-doubt, however, Millett goes on to list features of herself that she likes- a gentle expression of resistance against the constant pressure to live up to body ideals.

The touching self-affirmation that she offers herself in this song is mirrored by its mellow production, emphasizing, through a catchy melody, the importance of tenderness.


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