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"LAUNDRY": R.A.P. Ferreira⁣

Production: Kenny Segal⁣

Album: Purple Midnight Pages⁣

Rory Allen Philip Ferreira formerly known as milo, formerly known as Scallops Hotel, a.k.a the green horse for rap and other such monikers has pondered many things in his time as a recording artist. For several albums, he has questioned the nature of our reality, what makes art, systems of racialised oppression but these are all immensely insignificant in the face of what Rory contemplates on this track…⁣

‘Does Chance the Rapper do his own laundry?’⁣

There is of course no simple binary answer to this question, instead we are presented with an almost Shroedinger-esque contingency of responses. If we ask Chance the Rapper if he does his own laundry then that defeats the very purpose of the exercise. What if we all decide that Chance does his own laundry? Does this mean Chance the Rapper is always doing laundry and therefore equally never doing laundry? Is ‘laundry’ two or three syllables (when you are dealing with cattle)? One for the post-modernists; is Chance sub textually, as it refers to multiplicity of language, doing his laundry and should we judge his hygiene standards to an objective image or ascribe the merits of cultural relativism? Is Betty Wright present when Chance does/doesn’t do his laundry? Does the washing machine ad lib? Never has a song left its listener with so many profound avenues of thought and nor shall an artist ever be so bold again.⁣


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