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I Want You Around

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"I Want You Around": Snoh Aalegra

Production: Cam Obi⁣

Album: Ugh… those feels again

‘I try not to show how I feel about you/ thinkin we should wait/ but we don’t really want to/ I just want to get away/ and sit right next to you.’⁣

This is not one of Snoh’s flashiest or boldest songs. It does not give you a stank face like 'Sometimes', it doesn’t transport you back to your childhood like 'Worse' nor is it the Bond theme that is 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold'. Neither is this Cam Obi at his most inventive. But really? Who cares? If any track on Ugh… those feels again sums up the tone of the album it’s this one. This song with its sparkling Rhodes piano, with a kick like an anxious heartbeat, with a melody like a lullaby captures a moment we have all found ourselves in... the feels. Snoh Aalegra and Cam Obi have created a score rather than a song which forms the back drop of that ethereal moment when you are lost in self-absorption. It is a simple yet touching ballad and never ceases to move me as I listen to it now. ⁣

Fahad is unavailable right now. He is in ‘the feels’… again.⁣


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