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I Got a Love

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"I Got a Love": Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Production: Pete Rock

Album: The Main Ingredient

1994 was a crucial year for hip hop. Illmatic was released. Ready To Die was released. Limp Bizkit were formed. The golden age of hip hop was ending, and the face of rap was softening. Inevitably there was reluctance among the oldheads, particularly concerning rap-&-bullshit, or RnB.

“The Main Ingredient”, the duo’s second and final album, is overlooked, perhaps due missing a single as standout as “They Reminisce Over You”. The album is a pivot towards the RnB audience, most evidenced by the song “I Got A Love”. This is Pete at his most polished, deploying guitar twangs, muted horns and soul samples featuring the sultriest and smoothest C.L. yet, longing to take “time from black on black crime” to focus on his “latex lifestyle”. Safety in the streets and sheets, there’s plenty to like about this song.


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