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Hu Man

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"Hu Man": Greentea Peng⁣

Production: Earbuds⁣

Album: Single

Joining forces with producer and long-time collaborator Earbuds, ‘Hu Man’ is Greentea Peng’s latest release since featuring on The Streets’ ‘I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him’ with Donae’o earlier this year. Introducing ‘Hu Man’, Greentea muses ‘YOU man, me man, WE MAN… Hu Man is a war cry from the battlefield of the mind...take me, take us, back to the centre. Back to oneness, forward to unity’.⁣

The chorus is, quite simply, irresistible. Encased in a shimmery bossa nova groove, Greentea ruminates; ‘Searching for balance, praying for clarity/ Mars strip me naked, take this identity/ Tell me it’s unity’. ‘Hu Man’ is brimming with spiritual references, in the chorus drawing on the Mayan phrase ‘lak’ech ala k’in’, followed by its traditional Mayan translation ‘I am you, you are me’.⁣

The track is certainly easy on the ear, but amidst its blissful soundscape darker lyrical themes emerge. According to Greentea, we must consider our placement in the world through self-reflection and by turning to spiritual teachings. By rejecting the modern world’s infatuation with technology, we are encouraged to look both inwards and upwards: ‘Throw away these phones, get a bit more holy/ See the world more slowly, take time, smell roses’. ⁣

Taking inspiration from Latin American rhythm sections, lo-fi instrumentals and spiritual teachings, ‘Hu Man’ soulfully contemplates humanity’s troubles and ideas of oneness. Expect big things from this rising South London star.


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