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How Love's Made

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"How Love’s Made": Jaime Woods

Produced: Jaime Woods⁣

Album: Troy⁣

‘When you’ve run outta places to see/ when you’ve created all your memories/ to find they’re everything you dreamt them up to be/ this is how love’s made’⁣

There are few odes to enduring love that hit as hard as Jaime Wood’s deep cut, ‘How Love’s Made’ off her 2015 project, Troy. ‘How Love’s Made’ tells the story of a couple in the twilight of their relationship. It is a time in their lives when their youthful understandings of beauty have faded and they have lived fulfilled lives, travelling, sharing experiences- the good and the bad. This is how love is made. Woods sings her heart out describing this enduring affection, how it transcends the realm of our physical understanding and relents only in death. With a melancholy guitar accompaniment, you could be fooled into thinking the tone of the song is sombre but Woods’ performance transforms the song into something more emotionally complex. She leaves the listener feeling everything at once - joyful in the memories; reeling from loss and comforted by the endurance of real love.


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