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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Hours": Kojey Radical

Production: Swindle

Album: Cashmere Tears

Whilst many of the tracks on Cashmere Tears are deeply moving in their explicit concern with topics such as mental health and self-esteem, the album is also peppered with lighter, sexier tracks, like Hours, showcasing Kojey’s astounding range as an artist.

The song’s intro, consisting of a short verse of spoken word over a series of legato notes on guitar, immediately conjures a sense of intimacy as a result of its minimalism. This feeling is sustained throughout the track by the sensuality of the lyrics as well as Kojey’s alluringly rich falsetto vocals, which also provide a refreshing contrast to the huskier tone he uses in some of the other tracks on the album. In addition to this tone, the phrasing of the vocals is particularly impressive, making it feel almost as though the listener is being drawn in and out of the song, moving with Kojey’s voice throughout. On top of this, the funky bassline and later use of instruments such as trumpets and flutes add a vibrancy to this track that makes me want to have it on repeat for, well, hours.


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