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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Homebody": Nai Palm

Production: Nai Palm, Phil Noy

Album: Needle Paw

Homebody is one of those songs that never fails to lull me into taking a minute (or four) out of my day to pause and just breathe. There is something truly refreshing in the simplicity of its lyrics, which consist of just nine lines. In them, Nai Palm urges the listener to detach their ideas of home from geographical locations and instead, search for home within themselves and the people that uplift them. Adding to the sense of tranquillity and warmth evoked by the lyrics are the harmonies, that weave gracefully in and out of the track, and the relatively quiet strumming of electric guitar throughout.

However, for me, the most beautiful aspect of this song is undoubtedly the quality of Nai Palm’s vocals. As well as the impressive flexibility of her voice, it is her slightly airy tone, which is gentle, yet always controlled, that makes this song feel as effortless and soothing as it does.


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