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Full Set

"Full Set (A New Style)": Leikeli47⁣

Production: Leikeli47, Michael Barney⁣

Album: Acrylic ⁣

Leikeli47’s punchy track, ‘Full Set (A New Style)’, makes it almost impossible for its listener to keep still. It begins with a sample of a famous exchange between ballroom MCs, Debra and Kelly, captured by ‘Ballroom Throwbacks’ on YouTube. In it, Debra looks into the camera and, referring to Kelly, remarks, ‘Let me give her a new style, new hairdo’. In Leikeli47’s song, these last four words are looped. ‘New style, new hairdo’ is repeated over a sparse but bouncy beat that builds anticipation for the rapper’s entrance. The sample goes on to interject frequently, becoming the track’s chantable chorus.

When elaborating on the song’s message in an interview, Leikeli47 states, ‘it’s time for you, wherever it is that you are in your journey, no matter what it is that you do, to burst through with your new cut, your new colour, your new style’. In ‘Full Set (A New Style)’, it certainly feels as though Leikeli47 has achieved this herself. Her commanding flow and lyrics such as ‘Now serving high maintenance. / Chase nothing but greatness’ not only convey her own confidence and ambition, but energetically invite the listener to match it.


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