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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Flowers": Little Simz (ft. Michael Kiwanuka)⁣

Production: Inflo and Astronote⁣


‘The thief sold him a cheaper ticket to heaven’s gates/ ‘no I.D no entry’ 27 Club says/ The good fly young, the good are our greats/ Jimi, Basquiat, Amy, Robert, Janice, Kurt Cobain.’⁣

If we haven’t made it clear by now we’re all obsessed with Little Simz and her latest project, GREY AREA. It is a blistering album from an artist who is as unapologetic as she is sharp. Simz provides the listener with a refreshing alternative to the mainstream UK Hip Hop sound with her use of live instrumentation and multi genre influences. Flowers may not follow the cut throat energy of 'BOSS' or 'Venom' but follows the more introspective and deeply vulnerable songs on the record. 'Flowers' remains one of my favourite and haunting ends to an album. For four minutes Simz and Kiwanuka eulogise the departed in the music industry as the MC ponders her own mortality. Life is victory, right? ⁣


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