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Feel Away

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"feel away": slowthai ft. James Blake & Mount Kimbie

Production: Dom Maker⁣

Album: Single

In recent times, the name slowthai has become synonymous with politically-charged controversy; be it his 2019 Mercury Prize performance featuring a fake severed head of Boris Johnson, or more recently his uncomfortable sexual advances with comedian Katherine Ryan at the 2020 NME Awards. ‘feel away’, released earlier this year, offers a much-needed resetting of the dials for slowthai. ⁣

‘feel away’ is dedicated in memory of slowthai’s baby brother Michael John, and swaps out punk showmanship for lyrical vulnerability (‘Suddenly not half the man I used to be/ But truthfully, it hurt what you could’ve been/ It’s not you, so I guess it’s me’). In his opening and only verse he raps about rebuilding a broken relationship, with his flow nicely anchored by two dovetailing piano loops. ⁣

Joining forces with Mount Kimbie and James Blake, we’re offered a new strand of slowthai’s sound. Blake’s characteristically haunting vibrato tone makes an appearance after the first chorus, providing a gentleness well-suited to the track’s sombre, ashy palette. The pair draw on their minimalist electronica work to construct a calmer and tamer soundscape. For an artist renowned for a gritty, punk-grime sound, ‘feel away’ is a very welcome addition to slowthai’s oeuvre.


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