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Dragonball Durag

"Dragonball Durag": Thundercat⁣

Production: Kamasi Washington, Dennis Hamm, Flying Lotus and Thundercat⁣

Album: It is What it is⁣

‘I may be covered in cat hair, but I still smell good/ Baby, let me know, how do I look in my durag?’⁣

In these strange times, Dragonball Durag is the perfect remedy. If you need anything to allow yourself to enjoy the smalls things, to indulge in the ridiculous then this song does exactly that. Does the song’s impact diminish without the music video? Sure. But that is a testament to how entertaining the video is and not a reflection on the quality of the song. I could sit here and write about how the song is a unique take on ‘blackness’ or a sardonic comment on headwear but I really don’t think that’s what Thundercat wanted us to take from the track. So, imma say this: to my durag wearing brothers and sisters, whatever it means to you, this song is for us and the way you feel when you tie up those drapes.⁣


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