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"Don’t": Bryson Tiller ⁣

Production: Dope Boi, Epik Pro⁣

Album: TRAPSOUL ⁣ ⁣

There was a period of time that Bryson Tiller’s 2015 album ‘TRAPSOUL’ took over my life. It was playing, if not out loud, then in my head all day every day- a testament to the catchiness of its hooks and the addictive quality of Tiller’s voice. ‘Don’t’ in particular is one of the tracks that I would find myself humming most often. Its beat is clear and smooth, generating a feeling of intentionality. This intentionality is further conveyed through the lyrics of the song, in which Tiller takes on the role of someone trying to convince a woman that he would treat her better than the man she is currently in a relationship with. Throughout the song, Tiller’s flow speeds up so that it feels as though his desire to be with the woman in question intensifies. He promises, ‘If you were mine you would not get the same. / If you were mine you would top everything’ and later, maybe a little less romantically asserts, ‘Got good pussy, girl, can I be frank?’.

Tiller’s confident commitment to this woman and occasional nonchalant comments remind me of artists such as Drake and Brent Faiyaz, an indication, perhaps, of both his influences as an artist and his influence on others.


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