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Cookie Chips

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"Cookie Chips": Rejjie Snow ft. Cam Obi & MF DOOM)

Production: Nat Baring⁣

Album: TBA⁣

‘hiking in the sun- the happiness that you mourn/ you know the kids still dance, so, we supply all the songs/ If I’m wrong, you hit the superman like Soulja at war/ you grew your hair an inch longer for the clerk at the store’⁣

Cookie Chips is a gorgeous rumination on memory and nostalgia. It is an elegy for childhood, for the moments that capture innocence before the monsters became all too real. Rejjie takes us to a time before he had a black man ‘balled in his fist’ when childhood crushes were his greatest anxieties. Hot boxing in the car to mourn this death, Rejjie lets the smoke fly, reminiscing on childhood imagination when he would think himself a butterfly; free and light with the air of ‘the golden light of day’. With Cam Obi providing the perfect hook and DOOM giving us another unintelligible but rhyme-dense verse, the song is as endearing as it is impressive. In the dying light of this year, it is the perfect moody anthem.⁣


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