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Coming Home

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Coming Home": Pusha T ft. Lauryn Hill

Production: Kanye West & Mike Dean

Album: Single

Pusha T’s greatest achievement to date might be securing this feature, 1521 days have passed from Lauryn Hill’s last recorded piece of music to the release “Coming Home”.

The sound and tone of “Coming Home” is a pivot from sinister and swaggering coke-rap that Pusha T’s career has been built on. An uplifting “old-style” Kanye beat, complete with pitch-shifted vocals and whistles, sets the scene for Ms. Hill’s homecoming, and it was certainly worth the wait.

Lauryn Hill delivers a triumphant yet effortless chorus that feels right at home with tone. As Ms. Hill sings (“Said it's not over, it's not over/Yes, it's just started, it's just started”), the incurable optimist in us all hopes Lauryn is being prophetic.


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