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Can't Fall Back

"Can't Fall Back": Monifé

Production: Monifé

Album: Single

On ‘Can’t Fall Back’, Monifé reminds us that a relationship is hard work. Over a simple composition of acoustic guitar, drums and a hint of bass, the speaker recounts the memory of an emotionally unfulfilling relationship where the male partner isn’t able to put in the graft that the relationship demands. There’s a resignation in the lyrics. The speaker doesn’t appear to be particularly mad that they are right. There’s an acceptance, a disappointment cushioned in the comfort that they can resist the temptation to fall back into the same routine. The song is one long sigh, carried on Monifé’s elongated breathy syllables as she dispassionately states the fact of the matter. There is an affirmation in the hook; where repetition might suggest faltering or insecurity, on ‘Can’t Fall Back’, it is completely assured. They can’t fall back. And they won’t. ⁣

Having released ‘Reminder’ earlier this year, Monifé has asserted herself as a confident and skilled songwriter and I’m excited to see where her music goes next!


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