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Blind Man

"Blind Man": Raphael Saadiq⁣

Production: Raphael Saadiq⁣

Album: Instant Vintage⁣

RnB has changed a lot since the days of Ray Charles, Muddy Waters and Otis Redding, bifurcating into Rock and Funk then splintering further as the 90s and 2000s developed into the modern landscape we have today. There are still artists who indulge, experiment and revel in the sounds of previous generations, with none as successful as Raphael Saadiq. The Oakland-born singer and guitarist has consistently been a ‘Motown throwback’ without being derivative or too clichéd. Blind Man is a refreshingly vintage song with an Al-Green feel to it with its light guitar and gentle head voice. The lyrics, whilst very cryptic, also give the impression of a standard; well-worn and part of a greater history.

‘Blind Man’ is an interesting song that rewards fans of previous eras of RnB with the intrigue of a mysterious narrative.⁣


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