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bless ur heart

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

“bless ur heart”: serpentwithfeet⁣

Production: serpentwithfeet & Katie Gately⁣

Album: Soil

Prior to releasing his debut album soil, serpentwithfeet had several notable co-signs under his belt, as varied as Björk, Haxan Cloak, Kelela, Brockhampton and Grizzly Bear. Whilst the diverse feature list served to betray his versatility, serpentwithfeet’s 2016 ‘blisters’ was still bewilderingly disparate, thundering drums, harps and a Berlioz sample all competed for space with his operatic delivery.⁣

soil explored the complexities of his love life as a queer and is equally celebratory as sorrowful. ‘bless ur heart’ rounds out the album, and finds serpentwithfeet in a suitably reflective and meta mood as he wonders if his songs, described as books, stories and psalms, will resonate with the listener, and crucially, his significant other. As he sings "What was once a whisper / will become a deep rumbling sound."The strings and drums swell to a crescendo before fading, giving way to a moment of silent poignancy. Bless his heart.


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