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Black Balloons Reprise

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

“Black Balloons Reprise”: Flying Lotus ft. Denzel Curry⁣

Production: Denzel Curry⁣

Album: Flamagra

"Shattered and lost, chatterin' talk, blabberin' off/ Grabbin' the cross, telling Jesús nothing matters at all, ugh⁣."

Flamagra, the sixth album from Flying Lotus, was the result of five years' work and, bar the metaphor of an eternal flame on a hill, has no guiding principle. The concepts explored on this album are suitably disparate with only Thundercat’s songwriting credits a certainty on this project. The intrigue of beat-music albums is seeing how the parts all fit together, and Flamagra's cosmic world, whilst not cohesive, is addictive. ‘Black Balloons Reprise’ acts as a shadowy prelude to the central climax of the album, a David Lynch spoken segment, marking a shift in tone and texture.⁣

Unusually, the song exists within another musical canon altogether, serving as the final chapter of Denzel Curry’s 13LACK BALLOON trilogy, a metaphor for his mental health struggles. Flying Lotus shifts gear to suit Denzel’s chaotic delivery, looped layered vocals and flashing strings fit together with the usual jazzy drum beats of his sonic canon. The result is an ominous atmosphere, familiar ground for Denzel to explore the shadows cast by Lotus’s flame on the hill.


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