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April 25th

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"April 25th": Kadeem Tyrell⁣

Production: Sam Posener, Baker Aaron⁣

Album: Elements⁣

Evoking the painful experience of coping with heartbreak whilst also living up to emotionally repressive ideals of masculinity - all without coming across as cheesy or over the top - is no mean feat, but one that Kadeem Tyrell achieves effortlessly. One of the most notable aspects of ‘April 25th’ is the sheer simplicity of its lyrics and repetition of rhetorical questions such as ‘what is a man meant to do?’, conveying a devastating sense of stagnation and isolation.

These feelings are heightened further by the calm, but expressive delivery of the lyrics and deep richness of Tyrell’s tone, which is occasionally complemented by a softer, higher voice layered on top.

In terms of instrumentation, the laid-back drums, dragging behind the beat as opposed to driving it, smooth guitar, and quiet keyboard add to the melancholic quality of this song that makes it so arresting.


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