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All in the Mind

"All in the Mind": Amapola feat. Peigh

Production: Alex Hollingsworth


For those who have been Amapola fans since their very first single two years ago, ‘All in the Mind’ might come as a bit of a surprising departure. Far from the smoother laid back indie sounds of ‘Remedies’ and ‘Giving It Up’, their new single is more urgent with Peigh’s vocals wrestling with dissonant guitar sounds and a frantic drum beat. The band even indulge more into their jazz roots with a wonderful breakdown section in the third act where the drums and keys enter into musical duel at odds with each other and yet in perfect understanding; this is the central conflict of the song and genius of Amapola.

It’s the perfect match; Peigh brings a mixture of smooth and staccato flows, reflecting the paranoia and internal conflict of the song with impressive precision and clarity. The refrain is infectious; the layered ‘all in the mind’ hook grips the listener into the song, demanding our attention and taking us into the breathless verse and letting us finally breathe in the bridge section.

This is a great example of a perfect collaboration. Peigh and Amapola support each other with ease, bringing out the best of them and giving us a song that has been long in the making. Whilst some might be surprised by the group delving into Hip Hop, it is certainly a decision that appears to be a natural progression of their development and a creative choice that should be celebrated. The best artists consistently challenge themselves, follow their creative impulses and usually get rewarded for it. Amapola are growing into their potential and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.


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