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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Rubi": Raury

Production: Raury

Album: Fervent

Let's face it, if Raury were white, no one would call him a rapper.

Apart from the odd feature and a couple of Andre-inspired freestyles on Sway, Raury's musical output places him between Bon Iver and the Black Atlantic, who, despite their name, are about as white as they come.

But regardless of genre, his latest album Fervent, and its second track "Rubi" are a timely reminder of Raury's talents. After 4 years of waiting in the wilderness, a 7-track album with not even a single double time hi-hat might seem like a disappointment, but it is Raury's eye for production that keeps this project so engaging. The deeply organic, menacing guitar chords that underpin "Rubi" are so tantalizing that they almost make you block out his underwhelming nonsensical lyrics - "Oh Rubi no average girl or groupie/ I never could abuse thee".

Raury has always been slightly low-key, and Fervent might easily fall under the radar, but this project is an understated standout, and "Rubi" is its undisputed gem.

(Sorry, I had to).


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