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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"RiRi": Young Thug

Production: Billboard Hitmakers

Album: Jeffery

If you had to describe Young Thug, what would you say? A mumble rapper? A champion of post-gender fashion? A semi-aquatic mammal?

Allow me to explain; Young Thug has cemented his place in hip hop’s canon by consistently pushing the envelope, be it his cadence, flow, or dress. Some might struggle to innovate for their 16th mixtape, but not Jeffrey Williams. Each track on the album is named after an inspiration, Wyclef Jean, Harambe and Rihanna are all honoured, and for Ms. Fenty, Young Thug pushes his nimble vocals to the max.

Simply put, Young Thug sounds like a seal on the hook, (Alright, earn-earn-earn-earn-earn-earn it, aye). The rest of the song finds Young Thug bragging as only he can (Apple Watch with them boogers on it). Unconventional? You bet. But even a hip hop purist would admit the genre must adapt, and it’s experiment’s like “RiRi” that cause this evolution.


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