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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Guns": Quelle Chris

Production: Chris Keys and Quelle Chris

Album: Guns

‘Guns is an arsenal of both sounds, styles and subjects. At its core it’s about things that can be weaponized for good or evil, including ourselves.’ – Quelle Chris

Where then is a better place to start than with the title track of Quelle Chris’ latest album which explores the prevalence and power of guns in contemporary American society. The song is a critical look at both how desensitized the country is to firearms, how it transcends racial, age and class boundaries and where there is one loser. Us. Chris paints the reality of grandmothers packing, children learning how to shoot and load, a country clamoring for art engaged in gun violence, a political class exploiting firearms at the expense of the victims of Reaganomics and a law enforcement agency that doesn’t always serve and protect. But like all good social commentators Chris doesn’t explicitly pass judgment. He shows but doesn’t tell and that is exactly what makes Guns so sharp.


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