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“Booo!”: Sticky ft. Ms Dynamite⁣

Production: Sticky, Jason Kaye, Ms Dynamite ⁣

Album: Single

"Because it's not about da bad attitudes/ And it’s not about da bad vibes/ No matter who you are and no matter what you do/ You can get some of a natural high⁣"

Ms Dynamite, aptly named, burst onto the scene with a tenacity found only in the fearlessness of youth. Having cut teeth on pirate radio stations with a potent blend of singing, rapping and ragga flowing, she was already infamous on the circuit aged 18. A storied career would follow, marked with Brit Awards, Mercurys, MOBOs and an MBE.⁣

“Booo!”, Ms Dynamite’s breakout single, is the result of a collaboration with legendary garage producer Sticky. The soft-to-roughness of the song is characteristic of much of Sticky’s work and remains a template for the genre to this day. Ms Dynamite’s relentless flow, with occasionally overlapping bars, remains unforgettable and unanswered to this day. Ms Dynamite would go on to have other hits, but none quite as inevitable as “Booo!”


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