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90 Degrees

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"90 Degrees": Yazmin Lacey

Production: Yazmin Lacey

Album: When the Sun Dips Below 90 Degrees

‘Waiting for 7:03/to come hijack my thoughts from me/when the sun dips 90 degrees/I roll up my liccle piece/and oh, I’ve caught a bit of peace.’

Where contemporary jazz meets soul meets rhythm n blues is where Yasmin Lacey situates her latest release, When the Sun Dips Below 90 Degrees. 90 Degrees is everything you would expect from an opening track. Yasmin introduces the world of the album, sets the tone with her effortless vocals and gorgeous tone over lush guitar riffs as she muses over the sunset and the space she inhabits in this particular moment- when the sun dips below 90 degrees. With a raspy yet inviting aura Yazmin share with us a moment that we can all relate to. A time when we are alone with our thoughts, comforted in solace, eager to realise our dreams but burdened by the weight of our lives. The 7:03 thoughts, the 2:08 thoughts, the ones that our so intimate to us yet so widely shared. Yazmin gives voice to us all.


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