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"Little": Jany Green Production: Ralph Castelli

Album: Single

Having only released his debut single in 2019, Jany Green's rise of the course of the past year has been as steep as it has been steady. With smooth vocals, infectious personality and an unashamedly feel-good outlook, it is not hard to see why.

"Little" encapsulates that perfectly. The song is, fundamentally, incredibly simple, but it is a simplicity done tastefully, with each instrument knowing its place in a song that is more than the sum of its parts. Reminiscent of the best parts of Bakar, the song's bare bone arrangement achieves a consistent feeling of wistfulness, but not a nostalgia of the past, more a contentment with the present. The whole song toggles around chords I and VI, with the basic harmony shifting the listeners' focus onto the instrumentation. There are essentially three main layers to the song besides the vocals - the bass/guitar strums that play the root notes throughout, the trumpet swells that accentuate the chorus, and a curious repeated section that grows out of the post-chorus, the one area in the song that does not gleefully return to chord I and that challenges the playful nature of the rest of the track.

A "Little" does manage to go a long way.


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