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Jany Green

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

On day 3 of our 2020 roundup we present the first of our artist profiles. Alaskan hip-hop artist Jany Green chatted to Keylime co-founder Danny about his influences, ambitions, and collaborating with Harry Styles.

Danny: You’re from Alaska, right? Do you still live there and what’s the music scene there like? Has it shaped your own musical style?

Jany: Yes, I am from Alaska but living in LA now. The music scene there is pretty much all around everyone listens to everything from all over. I guess it has shaped my own sound just from never sticking to one set genre.


D: You work a lot with another Alaska native in Ralph Castelli, how did you guys meet and what’s it like working with him?

J: That’s my bro! We met the first time in Alaska at a show I was performing at and he came up to me after and showed so much love, and I knew he did music as well and I was already a big fan. It’s the best working with him cause we can just vibe off each others energy to make some cool songs.


D: “Little” is now on its way to 3 million streams! Has your recent success affected the way you approach making music?

J: So amazing, still can’t believe sometimes how much people are enjoying it, I’m so grateful. I wouldn’t say it’s changing my approach but I definitely wanna make a better song than the previous every time. So I guess it kinda does lol.

D: With 5 singles now under your belt, are you starting to look towards releasing a longer project soon? What would that look like?

J: Yes, just released a sixth track on December 2nd and that’s probably my last single before putting out an EP early next year. It’s going to be a fun project full of energy and love.


D: You’ve released two singles with French label Nice Guys, but your last two singles are self-released. Do you prefer working with a label or releasing independently, and do you have any advice for upcoming artists about the benefits of both?

J: It really depends on how you see your vision. I was able to work with a label for two singles and they did a lot for me within reaching new audience and it was a good experience for me. Though I do like the independent way as well. Honestly just be careful, and know what you want before going into something.


D: We’ve all been missing live music a lot in the past few months, what’s the craziest gig you’ve ever done?

J: Yes I miss them so much. Can’t wait to be able to rock stages again. Craziest gig I’ve played would have to be back home in Alaska at a Halloween party thrown in some Mansion type building. Super fun performance.


D: One final question we had to ask, what was it like being in Harry Styles’ music video for “Watermelon Sugar”! How did that come about?

J: It was great! Didn’t know what to expect but everyone was super cool and Harry was an awesome guy. I had a casting call sent to me the day prior and sent all my info and was asked to come the next day. Felt like all luck.


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