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This Thing Called Living

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

"This Thing Called Living": Eloise⁣

Production: Bruno Major⁣

EP Review

The title track of Eloise’s jazz-infused debut EP simply questions ‘Tell me, how do you do this thing called living, when there’s nothing more to gain?’. Amidst 2020’s wave of corona-induced existentialism, it seems particularly apt to reflect on This Thing Called Living, which is quite simply a triumph from start to finish. ⁣

With its delicate and guitar-laden compositions, this four-track musical offering is weightless in its musical design. Opening track ‘You, Dear’ reminisces about an unsatisfying yet lingering love; ‘But you, dear, I didn’t think I’d find you here, roaming in the corners of my mind’. Eloise’s opening two numbers are gently underpinned by shimmering, jazz-laced backing vocals. ‘Left Side’ dwells on pain and the new-found strength of heartache with a fragile sonic landscape sounding much like a musical exhale. With its shuffle-esque hi-hat kicks and sultry scat singing, standout track ‘Subside’ injects a lease of energy fitting for an EP finale. Eloise’s laidback delivery of ‘I usually sit still but now I can’t help but move’ seems a clever touch for such an infectious chorus. ⁣

From bossa nova inflections to stylized jazz vocals, Eloise assembles an array of musical influences in both a poised and effortless manner. With a trajectory of love, loss, and love once more, TTCL closes by bringing us full circle. A clever, breezy EP worthy of many a repeat.


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