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Baby I'm Bleeding

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

"Baby I'm Bleeding": JPEGMAFIA

Production: JPEGMAFIA

Album: Veteran

As a rapper, JPEGMAFIA specialises in provocation. As a provocateur, JPEGMAFIA specialises in blasting extremists on either end of the horseshoe, swinging at “libtards” and the “alt-right” in equal measure. The genius lies in mixing internet and pop culture with politics and race, to create art that is as ironic as it is sincere in message (see “Communist Slow Jams”).

As a producer, JPEGMAFIA’s sound can be loosely termed as noise-rap. The foundation of “Baby I’m Bleeding” is a looped sample that shifts as the song progresses, interspersed with gunshots and an audio clip from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. The eclecticism doesn’t stop there, as JPEGMAFIA references videogames, WWE and yuppie culture with his trademark vitriolic style. Angry yet collected, this is JPEGMAFIA at his most incisive.


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