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Albums of the Year | Part II

The tenth day of our 2020 Round Up brings PART TWO of Keylime’s albums of the year. While the Keylime team usually like to wax lyrical about projects, for the Round Up we have been challenged to summarize their favorite project of 2020 in 20 words or less. Let’s see how well Keylime can condense their ramblings - Karishma, Eli and Lola are here with the second installment!

Eli's pick:

"Last Year was Weird, Vol. 2": Tkay Maidza

Production: Dan Farber

Released: 7th August 2020

"Altogether as confident, varied and innovative as you've ever heard - Tkay is having fun, and it's beyond contagious."


Lola's pick:

"Untitled (Rise)": Sault

Production: Inflo

Released: 18th September 2020

‘A sublime fusion of funk, soul, jazz, house and gospel, with Sault’s anonymity remaining intact for yet another year. Genius.’


Karishma's pick:

"Untitled (Black Is)": Sault

Production: Inflo

Released: 19th June 2020

Untitled (Black Is) confronts police brutality, and racism more broadly, with radical directness. A timely, eclectic and fantastically produced album.’



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