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Whose Fault

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Whose Fault": Boogie (ft. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah)⁣

Production: Keyel and Dart⁣

Album: Everything’s For Sale

‘I seen the truth when I was buried in my shame/ we already share the pain, how bout we finally share the blame.’⁣

Boogie may be every sad boi’s favourite artist and Everything’s For Sale is certainly the score for that aesthetic but the album does something that few Hip Hop albums do; it takes responsibility. 'Whose Fault' is a harrowing snapshot of a relationship happening in two different time zones- the argument at the start of the track provides the context for Boogie’s reflection in his verses and the voicemails left on his phone. Where most rap songs might propagate the stereotype of the ‘crazy’ black female or the older trope of the ‘unfaithful’ partner, Whose Fault directs its question back at the speaker; it is an honest moment of self-reflection where Boogie works through his childish retorts and pride to finally accept his own responsibility. My only qualm is that I wish Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah was used better. His solo in the bridges deserve way more attention.⁣

Shout out to the album tho. One of my personal favourites from 2019. Gimme them sad boi feels any day.⁣


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