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4r Da Squaw

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"4r Da Squaw": Isaiah Rashad⁣

Production: FrancisGotHeat⁣

Album: The Sun’s Tirade

‘If I can pay my bills I’m good; I’m coming over/ found a message in my bottle; your son is coming up/ Buy the beer, by ear, bye boo- what Yari saying/ You ain’t nothing but a baby; your fear is growing up.’⁣

Aye for real tho Rashad where the album at? You know what 2017, 2018, 2019, shit, now 2020 all have in common? The fact that we still don’t have your goddamn album.⁣

Cool. Just needed to get that out my system. The Sun’s Tirade was one of my favourite projects in 2016 from one of my favourite artists on TDE’s roster. Isaiah Rashad is an intensely relatable artist whose work centres around addiction, depression and the pressures of responsibility. On 4r Da Squaw Rashad is at his most vulnerable, recounting how he attempts to burden financial responsibility and work with raising a son without reverting to his addictive habits of alcoholism. Rashad’s weary delivery and the grungy kick is the perfect marriage for a song of this emotional register. ⁣

Aye Rashad. When’s the next project comin out?⁣


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